Reduce Email Opt-Outs With Your Email Unsubscribe Message

I recently have been going through my emails and clicking like crazy on the ‘unsubscribe’ links in a lot of the messages I have been getting recently.  In doing so, I have seen quite a few different unsubscribe messages.  The majority of these unsubscribe messages are pretty short and to the point and have a check box for ‘unsubscribe’ and not much else.

However, I recently came across a great idea by Gordon’s Jewelers that I wanted to share because I think it is something that all retailers should emulate.  Instead of just letting me choose to either (a) receive emails or (b) not receive emails, they give a few other options to change the frequency of the emails instead of just unsubscribing.  So instead of unsubscribing, I simply changed my preference to receive less emails and Gordon’s didn’t lose an email subscriber.

Study: Consumers Quick To Unsubscribe

The frequency of the emails is the main reason I have been going through and unsubscribing from so many offers.  It seems like most retailers are sending me an email at least weekly if not more.  If given the option by these companies, I would in many cases simply lessen the frequency that I get their email communications.

Here is Gordon’s Jewlers email unsubscribe page:


In a study in March of 2010, only 37% of the 100 major online retailers surveyed have some type of option to change email preferences, while the others simply use an unsubscribe option.  This seems like a big loss for the other 63% if you ask me!

What options are you giving to YOUR email subscribers?

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5 Responses to “Reduce Email Opt-Outs With Your Email Unsubscribe Message”

  1. Money Naut says:

    Interesting statistics Mark. Great technique to recoup your subscribers. It could take some time to design it that way, especially if you use a contact management subscription service. :mrgreen:

  2. Matt Shmatt says:

    Any serious email marketing campaign should incorporate these opt-out options. Definitely some food for thought here!


  3. North star says:

    An excellent example of understanding your customer base and retaining customers!

  4. Lisa says:

    I think that the main problem with mail services is that they often become out of date one way or another. I both receive mail subscriptions that I am no longer interested in and mails that arrive so rarely that the source is no longer reliable or you’ve gotten used to check another source already. This is something that I think that email marketers should adress! :idea:

  5. This is very important, and I am sure that most don’t think about things like this. Customers rule!

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