Why SEOmoz Should Come to Dallas for a MozCation

So I may have waited until the last minute on this one, but I feel that if I didn’t nominate Dallas for the MozCation, I would be doing our city a disservice. As the current president of the DFW SEM, I know that our members would love to hang out with the Mozzers.  I’m also pretty sure that the Mozzers will enjoy the warm weather and sunshine that we have in June. So on behalf of the DFW SEM, I present the reasons why it is a must for a MozCation in Dallas.

MozCation Dallas

Dallas Has The DFW SEM

Other Reasons for Dallas

Besides the community of SEOs that we have, Dallas offers much more.

If you haven’t heard, we have a great basketball team led by the world’s greatest basketball player.  Not to mention, we have the biggest and best football stadium in the world.  We also have great hockey, baseball, soccer and horse racing.  If you don’t like the pro sports, we have many minor league teams too!

Roger addressing the crowds at the Dallas MozCation

SEOmoz at Cowboys Stadium

Everything really is bigger in Texas. Especially the SEOmoz MozCation!

Our Arts District has undergone an amazing transformation and the dining, shopping and entertainment are unlimited.  I’ll let you dig in deeper here.

Texas is very business friendly.  In fact, there are more corporations based in Texas than any other state.  There are 20+ Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Dallas alone (yes, the now infamous JCPenney included).  The Financial Times even did a piece recently about how awesome Dallas is.

While we used to be behind the rest of the US in public transportation, we now have light rail serving the majority of the city and are also connected to Ft. Worth via rail.

Don’t just take my word for it, here are a few reasons that others love Dallas.

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4 Responses to “Why SEOmoz Should Come to Dallas for a MozCation”

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for the nomination. :) Dallas looks like it has a great online marketing community!

  2. Beth Kahlich says:

    Too late to comment? Terrific Job on the site and a big vote for a Dallas visit from SEOmoz!!!

  3. Local Search says:

    Hey Dallas, Good going, keep it up.. @ Jen I am sure he has got a great online marketing community..

  4. Shawn Devlin says:

    Yes. SEOMoz in Dallas, please.

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